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Wire Rope Grease 000 tygris TG9112 12.5kg

  • £145.43

Wire Rope Grease 000 - 12.5kg TG9112


Superior lubrication & protection for demanding applications

TG9112 is a semi-fluid grease for wire rope lubrication designed to meet the extreme lubrication and corrosion prevention requirements of wire ropes working under extreme conditions. Typical application areas are dockside and ship crane ropes, drag lines, hoists and mobile cranes. TG9112 will penetrate between the rope strands to provide integral lubrication and to provide both internal and external protection against corrosion caused by moisture, adverse weather conditions and sea water.


  • Excellent internal and external protection
  • extending rope service life
  • Solid lubricant reduces wear between the strands of the rope
  • Water resistant film ensures long film life extending lubrication intervals
  • Thin film eliminates product accumulation and does not collect abrasive particles
  • Ropes are clean to handle and allow easy inspection
  • Extensive covering power resulting in economic usage
  • Temp range -40 to +120°C