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Very High Temperature Grease Tygris TG8704 12 X 400G & TG8730, 4 X 3KG

  • £211.64

Very High-Temp Grease - 400gm OR 3KG 

Synthetic based graphite grease for very high temperature applications

This is an industrial, extreme temperature, medium consistency grease for use at temperatures of up to 600°C in applications such as oven and kiln car bearings and in furnace door and drying tunnel mechanisms. At very high temperatures, the synthetic based liquid phase evaporates, leaving a dispersion of graphite particles to reduce wear without leaving abrasive carbon ash deposits


  • No carbonisation at high temperatures
  • Extends component life at high temperatures
  • Graphite lubricating film reduces wear
  • Synthetic fluid evaporates cleanly
  • Classified as non hazardous