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Tricoflex Yellow Hose Pipe

  • £51.93

Exterior Yellow PVC covering provides great protection against abrasion and deterioration caused by UV rays. An inner yellow PVC lining gives further additional thickness.

  1. 1. Yellow PVC covering

  2. 2. Intermediate layer of flexible PVC yellow

  3. 3. Textile knitted reinforcement TNT

  4. 4. Intermediate layer of soft black PVC

  5. 5. A smooth black inner tube

The multi-layer design ensures that Tricoflex is highly flexible for easy handling. Great resistance to bending, crushing and pulling whilst also being very age resistant. Smooth lining maintains an even flow. 


Tricoflex hose is widely used within the gardening, horticulture, agriculture, farming and construction industries where it is well known for its superior quality when compared with other hose pipes. Thanks to its five-layered design and the high quality of the materials that are used in the manufacturing process, Tricoflex hose pipes are incredibly flexible and long lasting.


  • • Extremely smooth black inner layer to give an even flow of water throughout the pipe.
  • • Smooth black inner tube to give additional thickness
  • • Woven polyester fibre reinforcement to give exceptional kink, twist and crush resistance
  • • Yellow PVC lining to add further additional thickness
  • • Tough yellow PVC covering for protection against abrasion and deterioration caused by UV rays

Tricoflex hose is well-suited for use with Geka connectors and we have a range of Geka connectors to fit all sizes of Tricoflex hose pipe.