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Tank and Equipment Cleaner

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Pack Size - 2 x 500g and 4 x 500g

Tank & Equipment Cleaner® is a specially formulated sprayer cleaner which removes pesticide deposits and other debris, including oily substances, from tanks, booms, hoses, filters and nozzles. To avoid subsequent damage to other crops, all traces of herbicides must be removed from spraying equipment immediately after spraying.

Simply finish spraying and wash out with water as normal. Then mix the required volume of Tank & Equipment Cleaner® into the tank with clean water and agitate. Then spray over a designated area which hasn't been treated, then store the sprayer away.

Active Ingredient - dry powder formulation of powdered alkaline detergents

Application Rate - 1g per 1 litre of water


Our Recommendation 

Use this product if you have been using any herbicide which could cause damage to the following crop

It is good practice to clean out with before winter storage