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Sun Cream/Lotion SPF50, SPF30 1LT Cartridge & 100ML Tubes + Dispenser

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High factor sunscreen to protect outdoor workers from the suns harmful rays.

Outdoor workers have a higher than average risk of developing skin cancer. They are at risk in sunny, shady and cloudy conditions. Every employer has a duty of care to protect their employees from workplace hazards, UV radiation is considered an occupational hazard for outdoor workers.


Suitable for Construction Workers and workers in the following sectors: Public, Leisure, Horticultural & Forestry, Agricultural and Maritime.

UVB 50 High performance - SPF 50 provides 50 times the skin's normal protection against the sun's UVB rays. UVA Protection - conforms to the European recommendation for providing protection against the harmful effects of UVA rays. UVC Protection - provides additional protection against UVC rays as created artificially during certain industrial processes, such as arc welding. Does not replace personal protective equipment.


  • SPF30 sunscreen to protect the skin against the suns harmful UV-A (ageing) & UV-B (burning) rays.
  • Perfume-free, non-greasy and water-resistant.
  • Application: Apply 15 to 30 minutes before going outside and re-apply liberally every 2-3 hours, more frequently if perspiring
  • Each cartridge provides 1000 shots of DEB SunProtect.