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Speedwrap 450 Dispenser

Speedwrap 450 Dispenser

  • £53.12

50% wider than the 300 model 

The improved Speedwrap 450 dispenser, is easy to use and robust, ensuring the Speedwrap cling film and aluminium refills are dispensed easily every time, as well as storing them hygienically.

The Speedwrap 450 dispenser uses 450mm wide refills, therefore suitable for professional use. Simple to load, pull the refill and press down on the top of the dispenser for quick and accurate dispensing. No need to struggle with the end of the roll each time you want to use it, the Speedwrap dispenser ensures less refill is wasted and is dispensed flat each time.

The dispenser is 505 x 120 x 125mm (width x height x depth) and takes the Speedwrap 450mm refills, available in cling film, aluminium foil and baking parchment. Dishwasher safe.