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Silicone Paste Tygris (NSF/InS Food Industry Registered) TG8605 12/500G TG8650 5KG

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Silicone Paste 

Silicone based multi-purpose grease

This is a Silicone paste based on polydimethylsiloxane oil especially intended for use in industrial and laboratory lubrication applications. TG8605 is used as a high viscosity grease in the lubrication and assembly of taps, valves, elastomer seals and O-rings including applications working under vacuum. The high water repellent property of silicone paste gives excellent water washout resistance.


  • Very resistant to extreme temperatures of between - 50 °C and + 200 °C in continuous use and of over 200 °C when exposed for short periods
  • Resistant to chemical agents: resists solvents - resists oxidation and remains unaltered by mineral and vegetable oils
  • Highly water repellent - resists very well to water wash out
  • Chemically inert; non corrosive on metals and no plasticising effect on rubbers or plastics. Very little variation in viscosity with fluctuations of temperature.