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Satino 2 ply Blue Centre-feed Roll x 6

  • £41.14

These 180m long, 23cm wide Satino centre feed rolls are very popular with dairy farmers who know value when they see it!

The Satino brand has a reputation for quality and consistency, as well as offering good value for money. The 100% recycled paper is made with a sustainable production process, for which it has been awarded the European Eco Label, and it is certified as food safe. The tissue is stronger than our basic grade.

Centrefeed rolls have shrunk over the years both in width and length as consumers demanded lower prices, but this roll fills the dispenser! It is a full 23cm wide, and 30m longer than the majority of rolls. As such it offers as good value as the smaller rolls, albeit at a higher pack price. Very popular as an udder wipe with dairy farmers because of its excellent wet strength.

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