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Rope Lubricant 00 BE-100 Tygris TG7818 18kg

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Bio-Degradable Rope Lubricant 00 TG7818


Biodegradable Rope Lubricant 00

TG7818 is a biodegradable semi-fluid, solvent free wire rope lubricant designed to meet the lubrication and corrosion prevention requirements of wire ropes working under all conditions. Typical application areas are dockside cranes, draglines, water treatment and situations where a biodegradable lubricant is preferred for environmental reasons. The ingredients used in the manufacture of TG7818 naturally biodegrade by micro-organisms, so making this product environmentally friendly when compared to conventional rope lubricants.


  • Biodegradable – environmentally acceptable
  • Excellent protection internally and externally extending rope service life
  • Molybdenum disulphide reduces wear between strands
  • Water repellent properties for extended service intervals
  • Thin film eliminates fling off
  • Does not attract dirt
  • Clean to handle
  • Extensive covering power for economy of use