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Protean Seize Release (NSF/InS Food Industry Registered) Tygris F428 12 X 400ML

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PROTEAN Seize Release+ F428


High performance, fast acting dismantling lubricant

PROTEAN Seize Release+ is a NSF: H1 registered spray-formulated fast acting penetrating and dismantling lubricant and suitable for use within Food & Beverage, Packaging, Pharmaceutical and other cleanroom environments. Engineered to 'shock' components through rapid freezing, PROTEAN Seize Release+ quickly penetrates seized and rusted parts, enabling optimum 'release' and easy dismantling.


  • H1 registered (lubricant with incidental food contact - for use in and around food processing areas)
  • Fast acting 'Freeze & Release' action for easy dismantling of seized and rusted parts
  • Enables rapid and efficient wicking of the lubricant for deep penetration
  • Suitable for use on all metals and most common plastics and rubbers
  • Released parts remain lubricated and protected from corrosion
  • 360°C value for inverted use





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