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Protean Chain & Gear Oil 220 Tygris (NSF/InS Food Industry Registered) TF7105 5LT TF7125 25LT TF7199 205LT

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PROTEAN Chain & Gear Oil 220 

Fully synthetic, food grade chain and gear oil

PROTEAN Chain & Gear 220 is a NSF H1 registered, fully synthetic oil designed for the effective lubrication of all types of conveyor and drive chains within Food & Beverage, Packaging, Pharmaceutical and other cleanroom environments.

Suitable for gearboxes and reduction units, PROTEAN Chain & Gear 220 contains additives to extend servicing and lubrication intervals, boost performance, improved adhesion and offers excellent water wash-off resistance.

Halal / Kosher Certified.


  • NSF: H1 registered (lubricant with incidental food contact - for use in and around food processing areas)
  • Temperature range -30°C to +240°C
  • Chains: Penetrates to the links and pins reducing wear and extending chain life
  • Chains: Adhesive additives ensure no fling - thus providing lasting lubrication
  • Chains: Effective water resistance and corrosion prevention - even where alkali materials are present
  • Chains: Extremely wide temperature range ensures maximum application versatility
  • Gearboxes: Extremely good oxidation stability which extends lubricant life
  • Gearboxes: Unaffected by water - demulsification ensures total separation of water from oil
  • Gearboxes: Adhesive additives coat gears effectively and provide anti-wear protection at start-up
  • Gearboxes: Synthetic oil with high Viscosity Index ensures reduced viscosity change with temperature increase

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