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PRO C-Fold 1 Ply Green or Blue Recycled Paper Towels x 2400 PLUS Lockable Dispenser

  • £32.50

These C-fold towels which are great value are made from 100% recycled 1 ply 37 gsm....2400 case quantity in either blue or green.

Each towel is approximately 23 x 9cm when folded and 23 x 31cm unfolded. Be sure to place these in the dispenser the right way up as they are very hard to get out of a dispenser when stacked with the fold at the top.

The dispenser unit will take a 200mm high stack of towels, typically 2 sleeves at a time. Suitable for C-fold or interfold (V-fold) towels. It is possible to check on the level of towels using the blue viewing window. If you have smaller or narrower towels, e.g. Z-fold, an adaptor plate is available so that towels don't fall through.

Dimensions (mm): 265 x 290 x 145 (H x W x D)