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Heavy Duty Open Gear Grease 2.5 - 12.5KG Tygris TG7712

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Heavy Duty Open Gear Grease 2.5 - 12.5Kg TG7712


Highly effective lubrication & corrosion protection

Tygris TG7712 is a special soap complex thickened grease based on solvent refined hydrocarbon oil incorporating solid lubricants, polymers, extreme pressure additives, and a blend of antioxidants and corrosion inhibitors, combining to provide highly effective lubrication with excellent corrosion protection. This lubricant is bitumen free. Tygris TG7712 has been specially developed for the lubrication of all types and sizes of open gears, including spur, helical and bevel drive gears that are subjected to extreme loads, high working temperatures and water saturated conditions. Other specific applications include the lubrication of hydraulic hammers and booms.


  • Easy to apply in all weathers
  • Dewaters and can be applied to wet surfaces
  • Totally water repellent
  • Adhesive additives ensure self repairing film of lubricant providing maximum protection of work surfaces
  • Withstands pressures up to 7000kg/cm2 (100
  • 000 psi) which reduces wear
  • Long lasting thin almost dry lubricating film does not collect dust and dirt
  • Thin film does not drip or fling off and therefore maintains a clean surrounding work area