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Non Silicone Mould Release Tygris R225 12 x 400ml

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Non-Silicone Mould Release Agent R225


Effective non-silicone mould release up to 200°C

R225 is a non-silicone release agent for use in the Plastic Moulding industry, where further finishing processes are to be carried out. With a non-chlorinated, solvent-free vegetable oil base, it is stable up to a temperature of 200°C. Conventional detergents easily remove any residue of this benign, non-toxic agent,allowing for further product finishing.


  • Non-silicone content to allow for overpainting - lacquering - overprinting - gluing or welding
  • Excellent surface slip
  • Effective where a high gloss finish is desirable
  • Easily removed by conventional detergents

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