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Nicotine, Lipstick & Hair Spray Deposits Remover R244 Tygris 12 x 400ml

  • £87.36

Glass & Mirror Cleaner 

Non-abrasive cleaner and degreaser

This is a specially formulated aqueous, alcohol based cleaner which gives streak free cleaning of glass and mirrors, plastic, stainless steel and chrome. It is powerful enough to remove nicotine, fingermarks, insects, lipstick and much more, making it ideal for car valeters, hospitals, hotels, airports, jewellers, window installers and cleaning contractors.


  • Dries streak-free
  • Effective cleaning and degreasing
  • Fast acting and low foaming
  • Virtually residue free
  • Abrasive free
  • Safe for use on all glass and plastic surfaces
  • High level of detergency - will remove hair spray deposits - lipstick - nicotine etc.

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