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Textured Hand Wipes Tygris HW111

  • £70.38

Dual Textured Hand Wipes (110 Bucket) HW111

110 wipes

Impregnated rough and soft cleaning wipes

HW111 dual textured wipes quickly and effectively remove contaminants such as Oil, Grease, Ink and Petrol from hands, tools, machinery and similar interior and exterior surfaces whilst being equally effective for the removal of Adhesive, Bitumen, Epoxies, Joining compounds, Mastic, Paint, Polyurethanes, Polyester fillers, Sealants and many other wet and semi-cured substances.


  • Engineers Wipes will clean Grease and oil - Silicones and sealants
  • Expanding foam
  • Paint and epoxies
  • Adhesives

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