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GalvShield Cold Galvanising Tygris TC204, TC208 & TC219 400ml, 800ml, & 1.9LT

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Cold Galvanising Zinc-Rich Protection

TYGRIS GalvShield+ is a single component, zinc-rich cold galvanizing protective coating suitable for use as a self-finish, or as a primer in a duplex system. Designed to protect all ferrous metals and prevent ‘rust creep’, TYGRIS GalvShield+ can be brush or spray applied and is ideal for use as a touch-up to damaged galvanised surfaces, or where hot dip galvanising is either impractical or cost-prohibitive.


  • Can be used as both a primer / self-finish and provides an effective key for overcoating
  • Dried film contains in excess of 90% zinc by weight
  • Provides excellent adhesion - flexibility - durability and resistance to mild abrasion
  • Prevents rust creep from exposed areas of substrate thus also preventing the lifting of an applied paint film
  • Fast drying - can be applied as a shop or field coat
  • Suitable for use on structural steel - curtain walls - iron railings - roof decks - transmission towers - culverts - ducts
  • Ideal for a variety of marine/offshore applications
  • Provides up to 1000 hours resistance to Hot Salt Spray when tested to ASTM B117 standard