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Precision Forklift Clear Chain Lubricant Tygris IS75 12 x 400ml

  • £89.38

Clear Forklift Chain Lubricant IS75

Anti-fling, clear chain spray with extreme pressure additives

IS75 is a premium-grade oil based product that gives clear lubrication to chains and other moving parts where a dark coloured lubricant would be undesirable. Its anti-fling properties make it very effective when used on moving parts, penetrating into the mechanism and depositing a film of extreme pressure additives which will withstand pressure washing.


  • Clear
  • non-staining
  • Extreme pressure additives for heavy use
  • Effective on fork lift chains - sprockets - pins and bushes
  • Tenacious - will not fling off
  • Penetrates deeply
  • Withstands pressure washing
  • 150°C continuous - 300°C intermittent

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