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Defence+ WL Concentrated Bactericidal Washing Up Liquid 25lt & 1000lt

  • £78.62

Bactericidal liquid detergent for the manual washing of crockery, kitchen utensils and all general cleaning. Contains a blend of surface active agents and approved quaternary ammonium compounds to clean and disinfect in one operation. It is neutral in pH, non-tainting and produces a controlled foam in hard or soft water.

Hygiene is very important in areas where food is prepared and handled and DEFENCE+ WL has been formulated to help reduce and prevent the spread of bacteria in food preparation areas. It is ideal to be used where food is prepared, especially for susceptible individuals, such as children, the elderly and the sick.


*Helps prevent the spread of infection

*Highly recommended for use in nursing homes, hospitals and schools

*Suitable for manual dishwashing and general sanitising

*Non-tainting, safe to use in kitchens

*Contains an effective bactericide

*Multi purpose product

*Neutral pH value

*Effective in hard or soft water

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