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Defence+LB Perfumed General Purpose Liquid Bleach Solution 25lt & 1000lt

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General purpose disinfectant cleaner. Thickened formulation enables it to cling to vertical surfaces, allowing a longer contact time for a better performance. Kills a wide range
of bacteria, fungi and viruses. Extremely versatile product. Suitable for sinks, toilets, drains, laundry purposes, sanitising equipment, soaking cloths and mops and also wiping down hard surfaces. Contains a perfume to overcome malodours.

This product contains biodegradable surfactants and, after normal use, the Bleaching Agent, i.e. Sodium Hypochlorite, will rapidly break down into common salt, oxygen and other environmentally harmless materials.


*Cleans & disinfects in one operation

*Kills a range of bacteria, fungi & viruses

*Ideal for soaking cloths & mops

*Extremely versatile general purpose disinfectant cleaner

*Contains a perfume to help remove odours

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