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  • £61.54

  • Begins melting Ice and Snow in seconds, results can last days.
  • Works in all weather conditions in temperatures as low as -15 C
  • 100% Salt free, Fully Biodegradable and non toxic De-Icer.
  • Non-corrosive, safe to use, no mess, expert formulation.
  • Perfect for commercial home use.
  • Possibly the safest approach to Snow, Ice and Frost removal.

    IceGo Liquid delivers outstanding results in a completely biodegradable and harmless solution.
    Perfect for the home user whilst essential for the larger premises. Unlike Salt based products it is safe to allow product to simply melt away without any risk of contamination.
    Non-Corrosive it is completely safe to use around all forms or metal and cement.
    Unlike salt based products this will cause no harm to plant or animal life.

    Directions for use:

    When Ice or Snow is expected:

    1/Spray or pour Ice Go Liquid evenly onto a dry surface before any rain or snow begins to fall.
    2/Ice Go will remain inert until temperatures drop below 0 when it will act to prevent freezing for up to 48 hours depending upon weather conditions.

    When Ice or Snow is in place

    1/Remove any excess loose snow as this will prevent the IceGo reaching the compacted snow and ice.
    2/Spray or Pour IceGo evenly across the compacted snow and ice. Depending upon thickness will effect the amount required.
    3/IceGo will begin melting the snow and ice upon contact.
    4/Broken down ice, snow and slush can now be easily removed without much effort. If Heavy Snow or Ice is present you may need to reapply in extreme circumstances.
    5/Any left over Ice Go will now continue to protect the surface from further ice or snow build up for up to 48 hours.
    Ice-Go Liquid can be applied directly to surface direct from the bottle or applied through a watering can or garden sprayer. Enabling you to quickly and easily clear your path.

    Note do not apply directly to vehicles/windscreens.