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Precision Ceramic Release Agent Tygris IS35 12 x 400ml

  • £193.64

Ceramic Release Agent 


Release spray for use on welding torches and extrusion dies

This is a ceramic/boron nitride spray for use as a dry film protective coating on MIG welding torches, jigs, fittings and cables etc to prevent the adhesion of welding spatter. Also used as an excellent lubricant on moulds and dies used in aluminium extrusion processes.


  • Protects welding torches jigs and fixtures from welding spatter reducing downtime costs
  • Physical barrier protects surfaces from heat
  • Extends shroud service life
  • Safe for use on metal components cables and sensors
  • Easy to apply with excellent adhesion
  • Silicone free so compatible with post finishing processes
  • Application only required once or twice a shift
  • High temperature resin for resistance to welding temperatures

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