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Aluminium Anti Seize Tygris R233, TG8105 400ml, 500gm

  • £82.18

    Aluminium Anti-Seize 

    12 X 400ml 

    High temperature anti-seize protection up to 800°C

    This is a high temperature multi purpose blend of heat stable lubricant and anti-seize compound used in a wide range of automotive, industrial, marine and construction applications, helping to eliminate seizure, pitting and rusting of components exposed to heat. Use on threaded components, flanges, chains and locks to facilitate in future dismantling.


    • Prevention of seizure
    • Assists in easy dismantling of threaded parts
    • Effective lubrication at ambient temperatures
    • High temperature resistance to melting
    • Use also on flanges - chains and locks
    • Facilitates easy re-use of dismantled components
    • Temp. range: -30°C to +800°C

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