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Anti Rust Water Displacing Fluid Tygris TB6105 4 x 5LT

  • £155.13

Water Displacing Anti-Rust Fluid - 5 litres 

5 Litre

Unique formulation for demanding applications

This is a stable solution containing sophisticated chemicals and petroleum derivatives together with lanolin, which is an excellent protective and lubricant. and it does not contain silicones.


  • As well as being compatible with all hydraulic fluids mineral and vegetable oils the fluid leaves surfaces coated with a greasy finish which does not retain or attract dust. When wet parts are immersed in the fluid the water separates to permit continued use of the fluid
  • The film formed by the fluid is constant in thickness regardless of the amount used thus providing maximum surface spread
  • Protects all metal surfaces against rust and corrosion including parts kept in store for prolonged periods
  • Drives out water and dries out and rapidly damp proofs all electrical systems to give safe and efficient operation
  • Penetrates and cleans corroded and rusted parts