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Anti Bac Cleaner Sanitiser 20036

Anti Bac Cleaner Sanitiser 20036

  • £88.96

This is formulated using Triameen, an active manufactured and tested by Akzo nobel and proven to be effective against H1N1 virus (EN 14476 (0.03% BSA) 10 min) and many other bacteria and fungi details of which follow later.

The efficacy date shows that Triameen y12d passes EN 14476 at a concentration of 300 ppm.  We recommend that SASY12D is diluted at up to 25:1 to ensure this concentration is exceeded to guarantee efficacy.  The contact time given is 10 minutes.  So we suggest that treated surfaces are allowed to air dry and are not dried with a cloth after application.


SCSY120 is suitable to use on most surfaces such as wood, plastic, glass, stainless steel etc.  It may also be suitable for use on soft furnishings but we strongly recommend that a spot test be conducted before use.